Wearing shoes that make a statement not only draw attention to your outfit, they make it pop!  You can take a neutral outfit and once you add a bold shoe, Pop!  Your look immediately has become more interesting and received a modern and chic upgrade.  Here are four ways SWWC Professionista’s have upgraded their look this week with statement shoes! 
  • Bold Move- Get noticed! I had a senior executive start a conversation with me in the elevator by commenting on my fashionable shoe choice!  The conversation might not have ever started if it wasn’t for the attention grabbing shoes!  Remember the shoes will get you noticed but you must be prepared to have something engaging to say after the conversation has started!

  • Pattern Play- Next time you are shopping, pass over the plain black pumps that you always grab and pick up a pattern or print! There are tons of plaid, hounds-tooth and leopard prints that work just as easily as a staple and carry a bit more punch!

  • Buckle-Up- If you have a more conservative meeting but you still want to make an impact, grab a pump with a distinctive adornment like a buckle or bow. The look is chic but attention grabbing! Shiny things always make them look!

  • The Power of Bling- We saw some amazing shoe-looks this week!  From bedazzled straps to spiked toes, the looks were full of personality and edge!  I was at spirit night with my son in my spiked #ZARA pumps and someone stopped to tell me that my shoes were the nicest shoes that had ever walked through their location before.  I was so flattered!

What do you think? What was your favorite statement shoe from today’s post?  We love hearing from you so whether you are sharing your style or a your perspective, let us hear it in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading, tweeting and sharing. You make my week!

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