When going to see a play what do you wear? For me dressing up just seemed right and reminiscent of show times in NY. We attended a play called Other Desert Cities for a fundraiser at Arena Stage in DC.  I was an amazing experience and the shows witty political humor kept the sober tones of the content upbeat. We laughed and cried multiple times, so you know that is a  It is such a great opportunity to break away front the ho hum fashion of every day and put on something pretty however in DC it is completely appropriate to wear jeans or what professional casual look you would like. I loved my friend Kay's jeans, blazer and bold top and accessories as well as my mothers choice to pair bold brights with a white blazer.

Next time I think we will add this great dinner option from Station4. You can use their valet, begin your dinner with an appetizer then an amazing dinner and all for $35. To top it off you can come back after your show for dessert, which is also included. What a great date night and savings! Valet for Arena stage is $25 so you are getting valet, appetizer, dinner and desert for just a little more.