This blog is all about living life with all your might and filling each day with every opportunity to try something new. So having a packed schedule is no new concept for the So Work Week Chic reader as I am sure that you too live your busy lives with flare, with that said I thought I would do a weekend wrap up to share a little bit about my life with you so:
  1. On Friday morning I played a round of golf with my husband at Jefferson Golf Course before putting him on a plane to Oregon for his fathers 60th birthday. So sad to see him go!
  2. I was happy to give my mother two tickets to attend Other Desert Cities with my family at our fundraising event showing  in support of Brandy's Cotillion.
  3. Here is me outside of Arena Stage, a fantastically beautiful and modern play house in downtown DC.
  4. Me and my dad all gussied up during intermission. Did I mention how good and affordable their snadrinks were. LOL!
  5. Wake up early for Femworking Meeting. There is nothing like brainstorming with the best female minds in business.
  6. I ran out afterwards to buy my son some cool soccer shoes and gear and drop him off at his aunts before his game so I can attend our leadership conference at Calvary Church, shown here. It was a fantastic conference about the 8 types of people every leader needs to have in their corner. 
  7. I left the conference at lunch to attend my sons soccer game and once it was over I returned to the conference to discuss future opportunities to strengthen our church. I then went home Brandy babysit a friends 3 kids while they got a long awaited night out. Jessie, so deserves some time off as she donates all over the community holding Zumba classes for others, like our church. She rocks!
  8. Up early Sunday to participate in the March of Dimes 4 mile walk in Reston Town Center with my mom, Brandy and my friend Melanie from my church. I love this cause, as I have lost 8 babies myself during my journey to have a child. So I like to support any research efforts that can help other women succeed in their dreams of being a parent I will try to be there.
  9. Then after the walk rushed back to church to hear a great message on leadership and promote the Work@Heath Expo that I am holding on May 18th. 
  10. Here are my shoes pacing the 3 mile loop for the event on May 18th.
  11. Here is some of the foliage at out community pool where Brandy and I volunteered to help clean up our local community pool as it is the hub of our community.
  12. Here is the spoils of my late night gardening efforts, as I finsih planting my hostas in the dark to surprise my husband when he gets home.
  13. Here are my shoes as I try to look cute for my cutie, coming directly from a board meeting to the airport. I am so glad he is home safe and I can relax. I need a nap! LOL!
I hope you have a fantastic and eventful week! Remember have fun, stay chic!