Diet Pepper is running a Whats Your "One of a Kind" Style Sweepstakes and I thought, Wow, what a great idea!  

Thinking about your signature style is productive question to ask yourself, especially for work.  Branding is an important part of how others perceive you.  Many people will say that they don't care what other people think of the way they dress however the wonder why they have been passed over for the last 2 promotion opportunities.  Self-promotion and being put together matters!  If you have a good sense of who you are it should show through the way you work and put yourself together. Investing time in your appearance tells people that you care.  

Who would rather have on you team on a big project? Who do you think your boss would rather give the project to:

Did you notice that when thinking very quickly, we did factor in  intelligence, age or seniority. It has to do with perception. You can not control what factors that others will use to make judgement call about you or your work but you can reduce the opportunity to make your messy appearance a factor.  If you find your self relating to the first photo more then the second or you question if your wardrobe is keeping you from getting asked to participate in the bigger projects, then take a note from SuiteLife and Mothers Who Work to get you on the right track:
  • Invest in a seasonal capsule wardrobe, which you can rotate on a weekly basis. It should include at least:
    1. one suit jacket/blazer;
    2. two skirts (preferably pencil or skater);
    3. one shift dress; one pair of wide-leg trousers (the strides du jour);
    4. a pair of tailored shorts (they look sleek with opaques); and
    5. three to four interchangeable blouses.
  • Experiment with textures and colours. A cropped blazer or tweed jacket will jazz up a cheap pair of black trousers, while a burnt-orange blouse will brighten up a navy skirt suit.
  • Accessorise sparingly. There’s no place for multiple rings and the heavy gold chains of the 80's in the office. Opt for one statement piece per outfit, like a necklace, a ring, dual-purpose gems – like a bracelet watch – and a pair of fuss-free stud earrings to be taken seriously.
  • Spend time putting a look together the night before. A well thought-out ensemble reveals a lot about the individual. Not only does it say you take pride in your appearance, but it’s also transferable to your work ethic. And it’ll ensure you clock in on time too!
  • Splurge on bags. Designers have taken a vested interest in boardroom accessories. Both Target and a Louis Vuitton’s iPad case, they offer the epitome of corporate chic while Michael Kors luxurious MacBook sleeve doubles up as a cute clutch to take you seamlessly from desk to drinks.
  • Make time for grooming. A daily blow-dry may be beyond your budget, but washed hair and clean, buffed nails are a must.

My signature style is Career Smart!  My schedule and life is packed full of fun and different activities, so I need to know that my clothing is versatile enough for work and play.  It doesn't' matter if I am at work or at my sons school, I do not want my appearance to hinder my ability to participate at a greater level!  Let your one of a kind style work to your advantage. Let people get the chance to know who you are through your one of a kind style!