The questioned was posed to Suite Life about “How do you determine your body shape and dress for it”. So we decided to write this post. First your body shape can change over time so adjust your wardrobe accordingly. You can wear whatever you want regardless of body shape, the point is to wear whatever make you feel and look fantastic, but there are things that you can do to highlight your body shapes assets.  

If you are an:

Apple shape (Katherine Zeta- Jones, Elizabeth Hurley)
      • You are bigger on the top half then the bottom half, possibly with slim hips and legs

      • Try: 
      • Try draping necklines, wide V-necks or off-the-shoulder dresses to elongate your shoulder line
      • An a-line skirt shows off great legs and  pull in the waist
      • a tuxedo jacket with a strong shoulder will bring eyes in at the waist

      Pear shape (Kelly Clarkson, Shakira)
      • You have a smaller upper body then lower body,  usually with a waist narrower than hips

      • Try: Dry draping shapes in blouses or dresses for subtle sexiness. It highlight some areas a hides others

      Hourglass shape (Loren, Beyoncé)

      • You are well-proportioned upper and lower body, not necessarily skinny, with shoulders and hips similar in size 

      • Try:
      • Accentuate figure with skirts that come in at the waist, hug the hips and float loosely over thighs a calves
      • A-line looks play down lower half
      • Slim, structured and close to the body pieces with flare
      • Color blocking or add a belt to bring attention to the right places and avoid busy pattern

      Rectangle or Athletic shape ( Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon)
      • You tend to be waif-like and slim, shoulders, hips and waist almost same size, very little indentation at waist.

      • Trick the eyes with details like lace and printed fabric with complexity, use refined motifs a belt to a one piece to trick the eye and enhance the waistline a feminism peplum dress to soften your frame and and dimensions