Looking to wrap some last minute gifts but falling short on holiday paper? Instead on running to the store get creative and eco friendly by finding things around the house to use as gift wrap. They are free and good for the planet, check out these easy gift wrapping ideas:

Recycled Gift Wrap:
1. Newspaper-(comics for the kids, fashion for the fashionistas, cooking for foodies)
2. Crochet or knit a bag- then they can wear all year
3. Fabric- Use an shirt you no longer wear
4. Tin cans or Aluminum foil- looking for something shiny look no further than your kitchen
5. Paper grocery bags- you can weave them or color them any kind of way
6. Baskets
7. Glass jars- tie a bow around them and they are perfect
8. Scarves or Mittens- if you have a small gift and only one mitten they make a perfect match
9. Children’s Art Work- Send one of your favorite pieces from thorough out the year to show off the kids artwork
10. Gift Bags- tear and mix up patterns from gift bags received throughout the year

If would like to purchase something but want to save a tree go to Etsy for these cute eco friendly bags or you want to see pictures of some the gift wrapping ideas click here.