"Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.” Old Indian Saying

I attended my offices tribute to National American Heritage Month which was held in November.  It was a nice way to honor our companies diversity.  We had Native American music, the speaker dressed in her native Cherokee dress and I even tried some native dishes: Buffalo Chili and Snapping Turtle Soup at the food tasting catered from the Mitsitam Café. In a nod to my father’s American American Indian background I added a little American Indian/ Rag & Bone flavor to today’s autumn dinuwosdi. (that’s apparel in Cherokee). Don't wait until November to jump on the band wagon this season and pull out the American accent pieces.  If you don't have any tribal pieces check out Express's Tribal Line. Don't forget to try a matching hairstyle. I did this messy fishtail braid and pinned it up on the back. Interested in how to make a fish tail braid? Check out this fish tail tutorial to learn how.