I was riding along in my cab in NY thinking about where I could find a great vintage piece and then an news reel runs highlighting this little vintage shop called “Dusty Buttons” on 9th Street.  It turns out there were a few vintage shops on 9th but this one was by far the best.  I love vintage and vintage inspired clothing, so I went in and was floored by the quality and range of their pieces.  I am a curvy girl (around a size 12-14) so most vintage shops do not have many items I could choose from, but at Dusty Buttons I found at least 5 pieces (sized large) at this shop and they were by far highest quality vintage dresses I have come across in a while. The dresses range from $80- $200.  

I picked up mine for less than $150 and I love it.  I wore it to work and received an enormous amount of compliments. It is probably one of the most comfortable dresses I own. They sure knew how to cut a pattern back then. Which one do you think I purchased?