It is Thanksgiving and you are probably recovering from a food coma.  If you have room for one more holiday dish, let’s talk about all we are thankful for: I am thankful for my fabulous family and friends, I am thankful for new holiday traditions like blogging and playing in the turkey bowl, I am thankful for this incredible opportunity to try hot fashion trends like: Pilgrim Dressing and share them,  I am thankful for other like-minded bloggers who always provide great inspiration and I am thankful you, my viewers. You could be doing many other things with your time but you spend a little time each week on a style journey with me. Thanks a bunch!
The Look:
Shirt: Isshu- Thrifted Jeans: Dots Pilgrim Shirt: Necessary Objects- Ross
 Boots: Nicole Cuffs: Forever 21 Earrings: Betsy Johnson