Couchtopia: We Are Your Friends

Friday, October 28, 2016

We Are Your Friends is a DJ flic that catches you by surprise when they drop quotes from Emerson like "imitation is suicide" and lines like "stop being an admirer and find your signature","sounds have soul", "get your head to of your laptop and listen to what the real f#@$ worlds trying to tell you", "my favorite part of the the night is the moment before it all starts" and "are we ever going to be better then this".  Although, slower then expected this film drops great beats and has deep moments that make you think about the soundtrack of your life.  The cast is fantastic, Zac Efron takes a break from his normal corny humor for a more complex role and Emily Ratajkowski's exotic eyes and mysterious way is hypnotizing. There are no small roles in this movie, Wes Bentley play the mentor you hope you find in your life and super stars Johnny Weston, Shiloh Fernandez and Alex Shaffer are the friends that have a lasting impression on your life and Jon Bernthal is the boss you never want. This sleeper movie will have head bopping and mind moving. - By Shawna Walker

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Couchtopia: The Perks of Being a Wall Flower

Friday, October 21, 2016

This movies is about a sad young man named Charlie (Logan Lerman) whose has had some loss in his life and his journey from intense isolation to individual freedom through friendship.  There are moments of deafening silence and then moments that will have you dancing in your seat. Sam's character (Emma Watson) is striking and alive, (Ezra Miller) and Mary Elizabeth (Mae Whitmanauthentic styles and characters always steal the show.

This movie really has honest moments like "right now... we are alive an this moment..we are infinite", "my relationship is so bad that I keep fantasizing that one of us is dying of cancer so I don't have to break up with her", "touch my friends again and I will blind you", and "We accept the love we think we deserve", how can anyone afford not to see this movie. - By Shawna Walker

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A good sushi place is hard to find.  So that is why I was truly excited when they opened Taiko Japanese Restaurant, right in Springfield, VA.  My husband and I like to sneak away to this trendy little gem, hidden in a strip mall not far from the new Springfield Town Center. The Sexy JalapeƱos are a little bit of heaven.

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SWWC Style: Collars Up for Fall

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I go in to my cold office every day with a blazer or a sweater because although the weather is nice outside, it is freezing in my office. I am constantly looking for ways to stay warm and fabulous at the same time.  If you are like me then you will love how Professionista Kelly doesn't let the change in temperature dampen her style.  I love how she rocks ruffles and a cardigan with such swag and confidence.  It makes me want to pop my collar too.  Collars up ladies! Don't forget to send me your collars up pics with a #collarsup #swwc.

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SWWC Winery Bliss: Stone Tower Winery, Leesburg, VA

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I love living in Virginia!  There are so many great options for entertainment here. Some of my favorite places to visit are the many great wineries in the area.  Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, VA is one of the best.  That is why my husband threw my birthday bash there last summer.  The sunsets and the personable atmosphere transport to you to another place.  There is not better place to throw out a rug and celebrate with friends then Stone Tower. What is your favorite winery?

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