We Are Your Friends is a DJ flic that catches you by surprise when they drop quotes from Emerson like "imitation is suicide" and lines like "stop being an admirer and find your signature","sounds have soul", "get your head to of your laptop and listen to what the real f#@$ worlds trying to tell you", "my favorite part of the the night is the moment before it all starts" and "are we ever going to be better then this".  Although, slower then expected this film drops great beats and has deep moments that make you think about the soundtrack of your life.  The cast is fantastic, Zac Efron takes a break from his normal corny humor for a more complex role and Emily Ratajkowski's exotic eyes and mysterious way is hypnotizing. There are no small roles in this movie, Wes Bentley play the mentor you hope you find in your life and super stars Johnny Weston, Shiloh Fernandez and Alex Shaffer are the friends that have a lasting impression on your life and Jon Bernthal is the boss you never want. This sleeper movie will have head bopping and mind moving. - By Shawna Walker

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