There are times when only a velvet dress or shiny things will do for New Years and then there are times like these.  The holidays were all hustle and bustle this year so it gives me great pleasure that this year we will not be going out and keeping it a bit more low key at home.

The Theme:  This year we will throw a Champagne & Cinema New Years Party full of fun low key events that can be enjoyed by couples, families or an intimate group of friends.  To make the event a blast it will be filled with bubbly cocktails and dramatic cinema. We will some of our favorites and the top movies of 2017:

The Sips: Nothing says New Years like a bit of the bubbly! This year we are mixing one of my dear husbands favorites and champagne to make these delicious Champagne Moscow Mules. I can’t wait to toast with a little bit of bubbly, ginger and style.  You can grab this great recipe from Home Made Interest.  

The Snacks: The best part of celebrating at home is all the good nibbly bits. Traditionally we cook black-eye peas for good luck in a recipe called Hoppin John. This Brazilian tradition signifies wealth and prosperity. Here’s a good recipe from the Plain Chicken. Another great tradition is from Greece for St. Basil’s Day, they make special bread and bury a coin in one piece. Whoever get the coin in there piece is blessed with good luck.  I found this circular and delicious Blueberry Lemon Crescent Ring from the Girl Who Ate Everything blog that that will just make you melt.

The Look: The best part of parting at home is getting to run around in your comfy pajamas! Just because your comfy doesn't mean you have to be downtrouden. If you can't figure out what comfy, sexy looks like check out this inspiration from Bustle and Instagram.

The Décor: New Years is a time filled with champagne and shimmer, so even though we are keeping it low key, what is a party with out a little ambiance. Balloons, champagne and popcorn will fill the room will a tasty bit of fun!

The Fun: The fun really during the count down toward the 1:00 am. That is when we pop the champagne and there are kisses for all.  We are looking to have a blast watching movies and using this great free pintable New Years Eve Game from Party Delights  and Artsy Fartsy Mama to fill the evening with the best and worst memories of the year.
Different traditions are celebrated through the world for New Year this year why not review a few and give them a shot:    
  • In Belgium, for Saint Sylvester Eve, they throw family parties where everyone exchanges kisses and exchange fortune greetings.  In Spain, at midnight everyone quickly eats 12 grapes to bring good luck. 
  • The Philippines believe that everything round is auspicious and attracts more fortune and money; so they wear polka dots, eat round food like grapes and carry coins.
  •  Rome celebrates for three days and decorates with colorful lights, and gifts to their loved ones like Gold, silver, for prosperity, honey for sweetness etc.

If you want to share your Chic New Year with use has tag #swwccelebrate.  

(Images from Google Images)