Since I hadn't posted in a while you may have thought I threw in the towel or I was off playing golf somewhere but that has not been the case (except for the day I shot these photos, when I was really off playing golf all day, lol). Earlier this year my site (along with thousands of other bloggers) were spammed by Photo Bucket.  Weird ads keep popping up all over my page so I decided not to post until I could clean it up. In golf terms, we took a mulligan on this one.

If you have missed me as much as I miss you and want to catch up on what has been going on, following me on instagrashawnawalker_swwc and stay tuned, I promise I am still here and remain So Work Week Chic!  We are working to drive this clean up home and get back to having fun with all of you!  Keep your eyes and emails open because we are starting the year off with a whole new look!

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Skirt: Lady Hagen(Simular)
Shirt: Callaway (Simular)
Watvh: Apple Watch (Same)