I am so excited to have arrived here in #NOLA for the #Allin SHRM17! That is in New Orleans for the All In themed Society of Human Resource Management Conference in 2017 the non-hashtage professionistas of this world!

I lucked out! This was one of the busiest weeks of the year for me and after I successfully interviewed one of my last stakeholders I got the news that one of my fellow professionistas was unable to attend the biggest conference of the year.  So they offered up the opportunity for me to attend and I jumped at the chance!! 

By time the dust settled for me be able to go, I literally had to speed home, jump in the attic, pull down the luggage, pack a bag and jump on a plane the next morning before the sun came up.  Whew! I am tired but it was worth it because I am so excited to be here with over 15,000 of my fellow HR professionals.  These are my people!

I have never seen so many people so excited to read and attend seminars but this place is electric!  There are so many conferences and events I don't know when I will have time to sleep but that is alright because I am looking forward to being sleep deprived like Dave and thousands of other attending the conference. I am about to drop by the lounge and see them so I can sign up for a few classes and the meet and eat, where we dine together in the amazing cuisine of New Orleans! Stay tuned, I can't wait to share my experience and if you see me, make sure to stop me so we can take selfie and capture the moment on instagram! #swwc #soworkweekchic #swwchic