The CW has a great new series called No Tomorrow.  When a hot, kind, bearded man with a super hot accent (possibly Australian) walks into Evie's (Tori Anderson) normal, organized life she realizes, that even though Xavier (Joshua Sasse)  has a crazy, apocalypse theory that the world will end in 18 months, life is too short not to start enjoying life.  They join forces and start knocking off the crazy items from their bucket list like recreating a shopping cart slingshot, birthday cake food fights, yard bowling and tons of items you and I probably never thought of doing but should add to our list.

No Tomorrow has these great, little nuggets like "times is too precise for regrets", "love doesn't work like that, it will break your heart, steal your car and kick you in the beans".  This humorous and cute, little loves story and optimistic look on life is so refreshing! 

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