I am just gonna have to celebrate today because is June 8th, National Best Friends Day and I have so much to celebrate!  This is the day to remember the friends of old and new, the ones that know all your embarrassing secrets, know what your hair was like in elementary school and all about your first kiss!  This thank filled post goes out to all of the friends that have added such joy and sunshine to my life for many years.  Today I say thank you!

If you were not able to spend the day with your besties, here are a few things you can do this week to let them know you care: 
  • Facebook blast #Throwback Thursday

  • Pick a Movie marathon like Orphan Black or My Girl and veg-out together
  • Late Night "non-drunk" I love you text

 My classy sister Kristen!

  • Call your best friend up a rehash you first wild night out together
My party crew, Min and Linda!

Kelley and my Femworking Power Crew!

My ladies (Shelly, Janelle, me and Kristen) who brunch!
  • Friendship Selfies

My best friend and life partner of 18 years!

My shopping partner Janelle!

My crew for over 20 years Dev, Jos, Sis Shan and Jessica!

My wing women Kristen and Janelle at the International Wine and Food Fest!

  • Friendship Montage
My Dunkin Donut Crew, Blayre and Kelli!

My daughter Brandy and I are BFFs too!

Venessa and I having fun in the yard!

  • Instagram an Insta-thank you

Kay and I celebrating Veterans Day!

Glo, Me and Kay at a Fundraiser!

I love each and everyone of you! Thank you for all the good times! How will you let your friends know you care?

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