I love Thanksgiving! It can be packed filled with fun, food, family and friends. 

But not for everyone.  For some it can be a day of family drama, unnecessary pressure, loneliness or ridiculously long lines at the supermarket.  So as you prepare for Thanksgiving this year, I say take control back of your day!! Invite someone that you don't normally have over for dinner, and have a blast.

If there is too much drama with your family, and you really dread going, don't go!  Or better even, if you are there and it starts to get too crazy, kiss your parents on the cheek and thank them for the evening and go meet up with others who are thankful you are alive!  Thanksgiving is about more then just family obligation.  It is about thanks!  Being thankful for the good things in your life and making more of them.  

I am super thankful for all the fantastic holiday recipes I get to eat, and all of the hands that prepared them.  I can't wait to try our deliciously roasted turkey, the moist, fragrant stuffing, and the sweet taste of my pecan and cornflake crusted sweet potato casserole.  I like to keep it super yummy and pretty low key.  All the cooking doesn't bother my husband and I, actually it is one of the fun parts for us however if the cooking part has become too much then kick it back a notch.  This supposed to be a holiday not a work day or in some cases an over-work day.  Don't feel pressured to do to much! Thanksgiving can still be great buy pulling together just a few simple recipes.  I have include my take on two of my seasonal classics: Corn Pudding and Sweet Potatoes Mash Casserole.

So forget about the long lines, the family drama, and the four hundred dishes that you could be making this season, and opt for some fun and friends.  I like to make stuffing with my lovely daughter and these delicious acorn treats with my amazing son! They are fun to make and super delicious, you have try this super easy and good recipe.  They are a great host gift that everyone will love! 

If you are looking forward to the family event but hoping to catch up with friends too.  Then throw a Friendsgiving!  Everybody brings a delicious dish that reminds them of the holidays!, so you get a tremendous mash up of flavors and culture without spending a bunch of time in the kitchen.  What ever you do this holiday, enjoy!  Thank you for reading this article and I hope you will come back for seconds! What dish makes you think of Thanksgiving?

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