Your New Year resolutions do not have to be so dramatic this year!   You don't need a new life, a completely new wardrobe or a new body. All you need this year is to be open to a new challenge!

That is why this year SoWorkWeekChic will be finding ways to challenge you sense of style, fun and adventure! Are you ready? Then lets begin with seven fun ways to make 2015 your best year ever:

  • Be Bold with Print and Pattern- Challenge yourself to try something new #patternplay- A new year doesn't mean you should throw out what you did last year and start over. A new year gives you a chance to try something new that will bring you great joy! Add a printed pant to an everyday look or grab a basic black dress and layer a bold blazer over it or a patterned shirt under it.  There are a million was to mix patterns and play with color, so get started and see what new looks you can create.

  • Step it up with Accessories- Take your look from #blahtobling this year by adding a statement piece to a generally plain look like a t-shirt or blouse.  You can add a statement necklace to everything from a t-shirt to a suit. Small changes can really make a difference.

  • Invest in a Work Pant- This is not just a pair of pants you just wear to work but a pair of pants that you will put to work during the year. This pair of #workpant should be comfortable and stylish enough to wear to work, the grocery store and out on the town. Make sure the fit is comfortable and the style is timeless.

  • Right Size Your Closet- This year I want you to go in your closet and #rightsize it.  Take out everything that is 2 sizes to small!  You don't have to get rid of it  (you should if you haven't worn it in over 2 years) but you should store it a nice location that is not in your room so that you can see what pieces you really have and what pieces you may need. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much more you can do with the items that you have left that fit you now that you can see what you have to work with!

  • Invest in a Few Foundational Pieces- Look over your everyday uniform and see which pieces that you wear the most, then invest in a few #essential pieces that will make them look even better.  If you are missing a few pieces that will tie your look together like a classic white shirt, versatile rain coat, patterned scarf or flat or a go-to blazer, invest in them!!! They will take you a long way and will make you feel 100 times better.

  • Try a Trend or Two- You can slowly branch out by grabbing a few foundational pieces from your closet that really make you feel fantastic like a great pencil skirt and a patterned blouse. Then add something a little more #trendy like a motorcycle jacket or a bold cardigan in this seasons top color palette. Trendy additions can be inexpensive and really update your look!

  • Pick up a Power Look- Every professionista should have a #powerlook! This is an outfit that they feel powerful in.  This power look is one that you can own a board room or a restaurant in!  You will feel great in it because you have successfully incorporated a trend or its suit that makes you feel like a million bucks, then that is the type of power you want to invest in!
We are really interested in your feedback so please comment below and share your favorite new years fashion resolutions!

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