I love living in Virginia, we have so many great different activities to enjoy! Recently we had a blast hanging out at one of the many amazing wineries that we have in the area, the Clifton Paradise Springs.  This small local winery is discretely and conveniently tucked away in Clifton, Va.  If you are looking for a fun Friday night activity Paradise Spring's has a great enclosed area where they play live music every Friday night from 5pm to 9pm.  You can even bring your own food! So just purchase a bottle of their wine and take it all in with friends. If you are planning a trip to a winery consider these tips on what to wear to a winery:
  • Dress in layers:  You may be there through out different times a day and the temperature change can be drastic. Tasting rooms are usually kept cold and if the back areas are sectioned off like in Clifton they usually are heated with a heater or a fireplace. Having the ability to take off the layers will surely come in handy.

  • Wear practical shoes for walking on rough terrain: Flats or boots are ideal! Flat or boots with a slight wedge are a great way to stay comfortable and look great while trying to walk up and down hills to your car and picnic areas. Here is Lorenzo and I at Pearmound Cellars for our 15th anniversary during the summer

  • Make a splash with darker colors - Dressing in darker colors, like green, burgundy, brown, black or gray to avoid stains from red wine splashes. If you are having a good time or if the place it crowed, splashes can and may happen!
  • Carry a functional handbag- Depending on the place you can often bring in food like at Paradise Springs, but you will also need space for you for sunglasses, a jacket, a scarf,  your camera, and your color stay lip color or clear lip gloss.