Selfies are a new thing for me, so I talked with my daughter (the queen of selfies) about how to make a better selfie; and here are the seven tips that we came up with, to help even the most un-photogenic person look Insta-chic!

(Shawna Walker 1)
(Shawna Walker 2)
(Brandy Walker 3)

  • Beware of Mirror Selfies- First off.. Its Cheating! THAT'S not a're probably showing us a REFLECTION of your bathroom or bedroom.  Be careful that the flash doesn't ends up reflecting in the mirror and we cant see what you look like anyway, generally you're taking these in a bathroom, and there is NOTHING sexy about your toilet. If you have to use the mirror to show us your great outfit, check how Kourtney does it.
(Snookie 1)


(Kourtney Kardashian 3)

(Kourtney Kardashian 4)

  • Lighten Up- Take the picture in natural light and/or face your light source, so you don't look like a dear in headlights.. florescent lights can make you look like a serial killer.
(Ellen Pompeo 1)
(Ashlee Holmes 2)
(Miley Cirus 3)
  • Keep it Clean- Posted selfies go on the internet and stay there forever, so if you are not getting paid like Kim Kardashian or Jen Selter, be careful of what you post because in a few years you may have to explain to your kids why they shouldn't drink after they've found a picture of you in your underwear on their Google search. Do like Rhianna and keep it clean and sexy.
(Shah 1)
(Jen Selter2)

(Rhianna 3)
  • Background Check- Nobody will tell you... but your room looks like a hot mess. It takes two seconds to look behind you and check to see what you will be sharing with the world, use the cropping feature. It doesn't matter how cute the outfit is if it looks like you took it in a nuclear war zone. Nobody will notice what you're trying to show them. Do like Lena Dunham and make you background interesting.


(Lena Dunham 3)
(Lena Dunham 4)

  • Its All About Angles- As you may have heard.. Cameras make you look chunky. Even in Americas next top model, the models angel themselves to make them look thinner. So unless you like three chins take a second, straighten your neck, angel your face, and position the camera a little higher. It may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but so would be seeing yourself look like professor Klump.
(Brooklyn Decker 1)

(Derek 2)

(Gisele Bundchin 3)

(Kendall Jenner 4)

(Taylor Swift 5)
  • Say No To The Duck Face- There is a time and place for the duck face, however if you are out of college, have a job, and still are doing this more than once a month you may have a problem.  If you like the duck face and are looking for an alternative do like the Kardashian's and give a little pout.


(Kim Kardashian 3)

(Kendall & Kylie Jenner 4)

  • Work The Camera- Be confident! you are sharing yourself with the world, no one wants to look at a Debbie Downer! Have fun and work the camera. This is your shot to be the center of attention, so do like Taylor Swift and steal the show.
(Taylor Swift 2)
(Katie Perry 3)
(Kendall & Kylie 4)

(Taylor Swift 5)

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