Happy New Year Professionistas!  This is one of my favorite times a year because it gives me time to reflect on the friends we have made, the fashion's we've worn and the fun we have had.  I am very excited for this new year and all the fresh new ideas, trends and opportunities that come with it.  My new year resolution is to focus on organization.  2013 was extremely successful and busy, so I am looking to organize and simplify in 2014.  What are your new years resolutions?  Thank you so much for joining me on my journey to become So Work Week Chic!  Lets recap on all the fun we had:


 In January, we started the year off feeling the power of purple print, we saw red skinnies everywhere and began layering textures.


In February we crushed on anything citrus, styled for the Super Bowl, and lived in printed scarves.


 In March, we were feeling the Americana trend, hung out with the author and co-founder of Femworking, Amy, and sported a relaxed take on the many black and white mash ups.


 In April we learned how to make a black blazer a staple in every outfit from mommy blogger and Femworking co-founder, Kelley; we found a way to keep our Zara pumps dry and still be cute and we saw how beauty blogger Janelle translated the bright blazer trend into casual Fridays.


In May we were staying preppy in print, sharing how to find something formal and fabulous fast as I did for my daughter's cotillion and having a blast out at the theater with friends for a good cause.


In June, we learned how to stay easy breezy in our maxi dresses at an outdoor event from Kamola at 99 Boxes of Shoes on the Wall, shared tips on how to stand out at a Monday meeting, and joined Hello Fashion's obsession with chambray.


In July we melted in mint, shared best practices when preparing a memorable prom, I attended the graduation of two of my children (Amen to that!), and stayed cool during our sightseeing trips with family.


In August we sported black and white like it was going out of style, uncovered monthly membership shopping sites and reveled in the generosity of friendship, and blazed a trail at work.

September/ October

In September and October opted for layers, went sleeveless, took style notes from the iconic first lady Michelle Obama and held a walking meeting.


In November, we fell in love with fall, shared thanksgiving tips and was wowed by Jimmy Choo and Nicole Kidman's new look.


In December, I went blonde, partied like a rock star and found my authentic style.

What a year! I thank you for hanging with us and we look forward to seeing how you become So Work Week Chic in 2014!