Ok, we know everything tastes better with organic produce but have you consider the quality of ingredients in the products you put on your face or body?    Today we are going to highlight a few eco-friendly products that are super healthy and won’t kill your pocket book (discounts!).  

Cheryl of Little Things, Big Difference has joined us today to give us some ideas on ingredients to avoid and products to try:
Hi all!  The first question I have for you is… do you read labels on your shampoo, face wash, or make up products?  Most people don’t – or they read the label and the words are impossible to understand and they give up in frustration.  If that sounds familiar, here are some tips.

  •       Mineral oil or petrolatum.  This oil is a by-product of the process of distilling petroleum and it is a very profitable side business for gasoline companies.  In the U.S., the majority of our lotions, body washes, sunscreens and hair products use this oil as the base.  Unfortunately, this oil coats our skin as if we were wrapping ourselves in plastic.  Clogged pores can result, and at the very least our skin is an organ that needs to breathe and release toxins and this oil will interfere.

  •        Parabens.  Your label will read “methylparaben” or use another prefix with “paraben” at the end.  These are inexpensive preservatives used in many soaps, deodorants, cosmetics and lotions.  Studies are being done, however, to determine the extent of the possible link between parabens and many types of cancer.  These toxins have been found extensively in cancer tissue.

  •        Artificial colors.  “Some artificial colors, such as Blue 1 and Green 3 are carcinogenic.  Impurities found in commercial batches of other cosmetic colors such as D&C Red 33, FD&C Yellow 5 and FD&C Yellow 6 have been shown to cause cancer not only when ingested but also when applied to the skin. Some artificial coal tar colors contain heavy metal impurities including arsenic and lead which are carcinogenic.” - The Safe Shoppers Bible

  •        Animal by-products and/or animal testing.  Does your ingredient list include tallow, lanolin, beeswax, and/or stearic acid?  These are always or almost always (depending on the ingredient) made from animal ingredients. 

So, what can you do?  Start by reading ingredients in your home and finding out whether you have items of concern.  Find a brand and a set of products that you trust.  Here are a few from my online Arbonne biz that you may love.

·   It’s summer and you need SUNSCREEN.  Check out Arbonne’s ABC Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin.  Zinc oxide is the main sunblock ingredient and is super safe.  Removing mineral oil means this sunscreen lasts longer and won’t wash off as easily in the pool.
  •        FC5 Cooling Foot Crème:  Our feet take a beating when we walk around on concrete and wear flip flops all summer!  Soothe them with this energizing, cooling and moisturizing crème.

  •        Fit Chews in chocolate, caramel, lemon or mango pineapple are the perfect summer snack or treat.  The mix of herbs in these chews helps us feel full for a couple of hours.  If you’re hoping to keep or improve your summer figure, give these a try.

Check these and other summer items made with healthy, botanical ingredients out at http://www.cherylfischer.myarbonne.com.  Do you have questions or comments?  Please let us know!