Last week I had the most generous act of hospitality happen to me.  My friend and fabulously successful mommy blogger Lisa-Jo from Lisa-Jo, paid it "fashion" forward when she gifted me this beautiful necklace.   She had purchased earlier that month for herself and found that it wasn't right for her so instead of getting rid of it or letting it sit in her jewelry box, she knew that she would gift it to a friend who would give it a happy home.  Luckily that friend was me!!!  She heard I was having a tough week and she just gave me this beautiful gift.  How awesome was that?  As you can see it made my day. It was amazing to see how a little hospitality could make me feel!  It also got me thinking, I too have a piece of jewelry in my jewelry box that may light up someone else day.  I am looking forward to finding the opportunity to share a beautiful piece that I have with someone who may appreciate and wear it more that me.  What a great way to pay it forward, "Fashion Forward".  I hope to hear all of your fashion forward stories.  So make sure to comment.