I have the fantastic opportunity of working with Rita Hollins and she is dressed to the nines every time I see her. Her career smart wardrobe is edgy and chic. She looks powerful and her outfits look expensive, so I spoke with her about her look and asked her to share how to incorporate your personal style at work?

S/L:  How would you describe your personal (Suite) style? 
Rita: Well I’ve never titled my style because I just like what I like.  I like your description of “edgy-chic”!  I’m conservative by  nature but I love to weave elements of edge and glam  throughout my ensembles. 

S/L:   What tips can you share about how to incorporate your personal style at work? 
Rita:  I would first recommend that a person first know the “rules” of professional dress.  As in art and fashion, you must first know the rules before you can break them.  Observe the unwritten rules of professional dress at your job too.   There’s nothing worst than not becoming familiar with their fashion surroundings!

S/L:  You always look so accessorized and pulled together, what tips can you share about how to pull a look together with accessories?
Rita:  For me accessories bring any ensemble together (no matter how expensive or thrift).  I like to accessorize to the max, and then edit myself.  Never over accessorize (remember OG – “Over Gold”) it will cheapen any look…again know fashion rules…I can tell when they’re broken on purpose or when a person is not educated in the ways of fashion.  Read quality magazines, find fashion mentors, know what colors and styles look good on you.

S/L: Where did you shop to pull you look together?
Rita: Oh I shop everywhere!  Thrift or consignment stores to all the major department stores and Target, JC Penney’s and even Sears!

S/L: What advice can you share about looking expensive without breaking the bank?
Rita:  Thrift or consignment stores are the way to go!  Some are expensive because of the designers they sell but others are pretty reasonable.  As we do in our professions, it never hurts to network with those fashionistas we like and respect.  Shawna and I do it all the time!