So I went with my family and friends to hear Nick Vujicic from No Limbs No Limits  speak this weekend. His story is amazing and he is so full of hope and inspiration. Listening to all he has overcome makes you painfully aware that life (with faith) can be limitless and the only one holding you back from reaching beyond your comfort zone is you.  We can and should be living a life without limits.  God gives us Peace, Joy and Love and they are free! We all really enjoyed it. We got a chance to jam with Tabi M., a top worship vocalist and Alden Cruz, the famous pianist. That man’s hands are like the Matrix. I was amazed at how his hands were moving so fast, our eyes couldn’t keep up, it way just like a blur. That man is truly gifted. It was a casual event so this is what I wore.
Here are some things to keep in mind when you are dressing for an event or concert:
  •  What is the dress code, formal or informal? Even though my event was at Constitutional Hall, it was an informal event. If you still aren’t sure about the dress code for your event, check out the website of the event’s location or the speaker’s website for photos of similar events and see how people were dressed. You don’t want to show up in jeans when others are decked out in gowns.
  •  Will there be parking or a long line? Wear comfortable shoes so you can be ready to hike from the car to the show or stand in the line that wrapped around the block, like we did. I opted for comfortable boots and lots of layers, it worked out great!
  •  What is the temperature? It was 25 degrees outside but nice and toasty inside.  In order to be prepared for all temperatures dress in layers because it is hard to get the temperature right in large places. There is usually no coat check and you will probably want to get some merchandise so bring a bag that can hold your coat or store all your goodies.