Planning to attend a conference sometime soon. Here are a few things to consider, try not to find yourself:
Under-prepared – There tend to be after hour networking opportunities at these events so pack a dress with a jacket or blazer. The jacket generally helps men distinguish that you are with their group verse other women at the venue. You don’t want to loose out on great rapport building because someone can’t discern if you work with them or not. After hours I wore this number out to see "Mountain Top" on Broadway.
Over-prepared- If you show up to a 3 day conference with huge bags people may question your planning abilities. Remember a conference is not to show off what you have in your closet but to look crisp and professional.
Frostbitten- Hotels can be considerably cold, so bring a cardigan, scarf or blazer for those frosty moments.
High Heel Hell- Depending on the event you could be on your feet for 5 hours straight so make sure that you pack a stylish flat or comfortable heel for those days that never end. In my case there long days in the classroom and long nights shopping.
Underestimation- “Business Casual” or “Resort Wear” can be confusing so  make sure you pack something that can take you outfit up a notch like pearls or a jacket, if need be. You don’t want to show up in flats and khakis when everyone else is in heals and a suit. It is much easier just to remove the blazer and make the outfit more casual, then not have one when you need it.