I am often asked what career smart pieces must a women have in their wardrobe when living the suite life? And I say start off with the basics! These career smart pieces are no big surprise however they still allude us.  Each one of these pieces done right (great condition and fit) will become the foundations of any work wardrobe:
 A classic white shirt- This item could be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. A good classic shirt is timeless, can be worn with everything and will never go out of style.
A classic belt- it doesn’t matter if it is skinny, wide colorful or basic black. Get a belt that really fits your body type and your style. It can really take your outfit up a notch.
A great skirt- Find the style that fits your body the best.  I prefer the pencil skirt because it gives you the coverage that you want in an office setting while still making you feel like a woman.
A little black dress- this simple piece can be worn with so many things and at a moment’s notice takes you seamlessly from work to play. I prefer a solid but a print like this can be versatile as well.
A cardigan- Regardless of the style and pattern, having a cardigan is a must in workplace.  You never know temperature the office will be, plus they come in so many colors and styles.
Statement Jewelry - Weather it is earrings, necklace or a set. Everyone should own a piece that makes them look and feel amazing. Pearls are great, even if they are not real. They can bring simple elegance to any outfit.
Black pants-a great pair of black pants can last you for years. It is the staple of your wardrobe, however be careful or it can become a uniform. A great pair of heels- there are different types, heights and colors.  You are sure to find a pair that work for you. They will add height to your frame which elongates your legs and silhouette.  Not to mention they help you stand up straight and move with a more authority.
 A Power suit- This is the go-to suit that makes you feel like a million bucks, everyone should have a great fitting power suit in their wardrobe. Keep it a solid and fabric and you can mix it with many different pieces and make may outfit. Keep it within an arm’s reach you never know when you might need to take over the world. You can see here that you can easily that the blazer and pair it with jeans or another outfit.
Go through you closet right know and make sure you own all of them.  Make sure the fit and make you feel great.  In a world full of options we can easily complicate things. Let’s not forget to invest in the items that we can build on. Let's see you put together an outfit using these classic pieces email shots to shawnacwalker@gmail.com and I will post a few examples of how ladies are living career smart. The above pictures were provided by Ruche and are avaiable in their fall collection.