The So Work Week Chic  community is a space that provides career smart fashion options, lifestyle inspiration and fosters the idea that career fashion doesn't have to be expensive or boring.  The So Work Week Chic Blog brings women together to share fashion ideas, tips, trends and reinforces that fashion is a journey. So Work Week Chic encourages women to share their fashion journey, fun finds and fashion wins in a supportive environment.  

So if you are looking to find fashion inspiration, check out some how to's, see how runway trends are worn in everyday life or just looking for a place to connect this community is for you!

Here's how to get involved:

We are super accessible, so you can now find fun, work appropriate fashion ideas and advice in a way that is convenient for you.  Just check out our link on the side bar and tell a friend about The So Work Week Chic Blog on the web, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblir, Bloglovin, Instagram or Facebook and join in on the career fashion fun!  The more buzz that is created about So Work Week Chic the larger our professionista style portfolio will grow which means more women will share how they are pulling off the hottest trends in fashion everyday, which will hopefully inspire you to begin looking at career fashion in a whole new way!  Make So Work Chic Work for you.  Return often to the blog and social media sites to see what new styles have been added, comment on what you like the best and share how you would wear this look, come discover new blogs, email us pictures of yourself or a friend who looked amazing or tried one of our looks so we can share it and inspire others, and find out what other trends and pieces other professionistas are investing in this season. The more you comment the more we know about what you are looking for and the more opportunities to share your blog or positive opinion.

About Me:

I have always loved fashion.  Even as a child, I looked through the pages of vogue in awe hoping that one day I too would become So Work Week Chic.  I am still working on it, as I commute to downtown Washington, DC and work as an organization designer by day and blogger at night.  I am excited that my type of work gives me the opportunity to wear casual, professional casual or corporate attire. However, I was a little lost rejoining the corporate world after being in the military for over 7 years wearing scrubs and uniforms.  I noticed rather quickly that my wardrobe did not yet reflect my fast-tracking, professional persona.  So I found myself shopping in stores and online looking for career fashion inspiration that would work for my professional, busy and multifaceted lifestyle, with a reasonable but modest budget and maturing curvy frame.  Amidst all of the sites, stores and endless clothing options I still felt limited by the choices that fit, trends that would apply to my life and unsatisfied with the value for the money was spending.  That is where The So Work Week Chic blog came alive.  I am now sharing my style journey to become so work week chic with you, other moms and professionistas.  Here at  So Work Week Chic, we will highlight forward thinking women and bloggers, who have got career fashion right, try fashion forward trends that can be worn to work or in our busy lives outside of work and engage with other career-smart women who have learned how to have fun with fashion.

I am so glad I started this, so lets get this community started and start sharing inspiration with each other!