Are You Ready SHRM-inators- 5 Tips for Your First Day at Conference

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alright all you eager SHRM-inators, as you get ready for the conference today, here are few tips to get you off on the right track:

  • Dress for Success- New Orleans is smoking hot but the conference center is brutally cold and has multiple floors. It may warm up with over 15,000 people in attandance but just in case you get cold like I do, you may want to bring a sweater or a blazer. If possible wear your comfortable shoes, there will be a lot of walking and you don't want to get halfway through the day and need to throw in the towel because of your feet. Bring a back up pair of flats just incase.

  • Meet and Eat- Whether you sign up at the meet and eat booth with Lasenda Barrois and the team or your are catching some dinner after the conference. Get out and enjoy this beautiful city. SHRM strategically selects these cities so we can get out and connect with each other, so take a walk to Jackson square with a newly introduced peer, make a connection and get a beignet.

  • Don't be Caught Dead- Charge up your cell phones before you come, if possible. You don't want to pull out your phone right when the speaker says something transformative and your phone dies. So worst case your phone did die, then SHRM team placed a charging station behind the information desk.

  • Capture the Moment- There are plenty of photo props and backdrops at this conference for you to grab a new friend or strike an exciting pose and capture the moment. If you see me, lets totally take a selfie. I will even take a picture of you if you need one, just ask!

  • Energize Not Exhaust- With so many great options between seminars and podcasts, it is hard to choose. Remember that you are here to reenergize yourself with new ideas and creative tools, so try not to over exhaust yourself and then not be able to think clearly. Plan time in to relax and reflect so you can truly begin seeing how the information your receive will make a difference for you and those around you.

I hope to see you there, enjoy!

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Looking Forward to Being Sleep Deprived in #NOLA

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I am so excited to have arrived here in #NOLA for the #Allin SHRM17! That is in New Orleans for the All In themed Society of Human Resource Management Conference in 2017 the non-hashtage professionistas of this world!

I lucked out! This was one of the busiest weeks of the year for me and after I successfully interviewed one of my last stakeholders I got the news that one of my fellow professionistas was unable to attend the biggest conference of the year.  So they offered up the opportunity for me to attend and I jumped at the chance!! 

By time the dust settled for me be able to go, I literally had to speed home, jump in the attic, pull down the luggage, pack a bag and jump on a plane the next morning before the sun came up.  Whew! I am tired but it was worth it because I am so excited to be here with over 15,000 of my fellow HR professionals.  These are my people!

I have never seen so many people so excited to read and attend seminars but this place is electric!  There are so many conferences and events I don't know when I will have time to sleep but that is alright because I am looking forward to being sleep deprived like Dave and thousands of other attending the conference. I am about to drop by the lounge and see them so I can sign up for a few classes and the meet and eat, where we dine together in the amazing cuisine of New Orleans! Stay tuned, I can't wait to share my experience and if you see me, make sure to stop me so we can take selfie and capture the moment on instagram! #swwc #soworkweekchic #swwchic


Welcome to new url SoWorkWeekChic!

I am so excited that I finally figured out (with the help of Robert from GoDaddy) how to make my blog domain live.  Welcome to SoWorkWeekChic!  


I’m too legit.. I’m too legit to quit, hey, hey!!  This is such a big deal!  Now when someone asks me for my blog address, I don’t have to say the blogspot or use a hyphen from my last site!  I can now say “check us out at!”  I know it doesn't sound like much but I had purchased my domain ages ago but couldn’t figure out how to sync it with my blogger account.  That is one of the great things about being a small business owner; there are so many things out there to learn.  The best part is that you don’t have to know everything all at once to get started. 

Welcome to!

My fellow blogger from iamchiconthecheap, posted about this years ago here and totally made me feel o.k. about not knowing all the technical terms needs to get started.  I love the video that shows that I wasn’t the only person who didn’t know what a browser is?

Actually, even after the video (in 2011) I couldn’t honestly, 100% differentiate between a web browser and a search engine. So I referred to this post from Computer Geek to set me straight.


I guessed correctly, but it is nice to know.  Well back to being awesome!! Thank you for joining me on this journey to becoming So Work Week Chic! I am so glad that I can make easier to connect with you!  Please update your bookmarks! What, I am not in your bookmarks?  No time like the present to fix that!

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