What TV Shows to Watch on Netflix: Crime Drama Movie-cation

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Are you in for the day and wondering what to do?  Give your self a Movie-cation.  You know a "movie" "education" (like in Pitch Perfect).  In this case a TV- cation.  If you have seen more then your share of Criminal Minds and you are looking for an addictive crime-thriller to binge watch then check out a few of my favorite Instant Watch shows on Netflix:
  • Luther- A crime thriller starring Idris Elba.  Need I say more? This talented detective is very passionate about his work but his passions often come back to bite him.

  • The Killing- A police investigation started after the body of a 17-year old is found in the trunck of a submerged car. 

  • Broadchurch- A traumatized detective comes to a small coastal town, where the murder of a young boy starts to tear the town apart.

  • Top of the Lake- When a pregnant 12-year old tries to kill herself in New Zealand's freezing waters.  Elizabeth Moss is playing a detective that has tons of question for this small town.

  • Happy Valley- This series follows a strong, female sergeant whose complicated life doesn't keep her from saving peoples lives.

  • River- A brillant detective with a fractured mind is haunted by murder victims until their cases are solved. 

  • Dexter- A Miami forensic detective is also a serial killer of the worst criminals who seem to escape justice in the court system.

  • Blacklist- A new FBI profilers life gets put on hold when one of Americas Most Wanted turns himself in, only wanting to speak with her.

  • Lie to Me-  The worlds leading deception agent is hired to get the truth from lies.  I swear you will find yourself asking questions so that you can tell if the person is lying after watching this one.

  • Longmire- Longmire is a dedicated Wyoming sheriff who throws himself into his work to hide the pain of his loss.  This series feels like a modern day western.  It is so nostalgic.

  • Rectify- Daniel must put his life together after DNA evidence cleared him of the crime that he already served 19-years in prison for.

  • The Fall- An erie, psychological thriller following an attractive serial killer hidden by an ordinary life and a talented detective played by Gillian Anderson from the X-files.

We would love to see which one of these shows you liked the most or even watched. Don't forget to comment on Instagram us and let us know #swwchic, tag us @soworkweekchic or send comments to soworkweekchic@hotmail.com.

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10 Creative Ways To Improve Your Space

Sunday, January 24, 2016

SWWChic picked out 20 resolutions that we will achieve in 2016.  So when we heard there was going to be a massive snowstorm we decided to get started.  In this series, we will be exploring 10 ways to improve your space.  Many of us spend more time working then we do with our families and yet our workspaces are generally boring and do not reflect our personal style.  I often work from home, so my workspace needs to be both creative and flexible.  When I first started writing this post I had a Christmas tree in the middle of my space.

I can tell you first hand that that makes it a little difficult to work.  Which made me consider moving my space next season to one of the amazingly versatile WeWork shared workspaces in Washington, DC.  Dupont Circle is quickly becoming my favorite location due to its creative backdrops and posh outdoor area!  After I put the tree away, I was left with the blank, sad workspace above.  Here are the 10 tips I used to kick my creative workspace into gear: 
  • Surround Yourself with Pieces that Inspire You: This black, embellished BCBG bag from TJ Maxx was under $40.  It is going to be a fabulous, new staple in my wardrobe this season.  The clean lines and gold embellishments make a statement and remind me to do the same! Also I often do a #lookoftheday so I have this fantastic $10 mirror from Home Goods handy, so I can try all of the different makeup looks each season.

  • Dream It, Write It, Believe It: Don't just write your notes on legal paper (unless that is your shtick).  There are so many affordable creative, and motivational journals out there now that can get your creative juices flowing better then ever before.  I picked up this positive "Best Day Ever" journal for under $5 from TJ Maxx.

  • Seat Style: Whether you own your own company or are a CEO of family management, you spend a lot of time in your space so you should shave a chair that is not only stylish but comfy.  Since my office is in my living room, I have an upholstered piece from Ashley Furniture to make sure I am comfy.  Give your chair some flare, with a stylish pillow, I picked up mine from IKEA for $5.

  • And There Was Light: Positioning your desk close to the window can positively effect your mood and provide the additional lighting to keep you productive.  I love having a window seat.  The light and the scenic view has a calming effect on me through out the day.  It really comes in handy when your only other view is looking at a computer screen for eight to ten hours a day.  If you don't have a window seat available then add a fun light fixture. 

  • Organize Your Vision:  I picked up this inspirational vision board from Home Goods for $12.  It is a consistent reminder of the joy it brings me to share the SoWorkWeekChic journey with you.  This board helps me to organize my shopping list, articles and outfit inspiration clippings. Who says organization can't be fun?

  • Equip Yourself with the Best: I use an 11 inch MacBook Air because it is lightweight and portable.   I can write or access what ever I need, wherever I am.  My computer fits right into my purse, keeping me free to write whenever I am inspired.  So think of what equipment will best suit your lifestyle and make the investment. 

  • Add Accessorizes: Everyone knows it is the accessories make an outfit, they can also make a workspace.  I picked up this Cynthia Rowley jewelry holder from Home Goods for $16.  The jewelry holder helps me organize all of the great accessories of the season.  My current favorite is this Rose Gold Buckle Bracelet from Michael Kors.

  • Use Non-Traditional Office Supplies: I love my clear acrylic and rose gold stapler ($16), tape dispenser ($7) and organizers ($12).  They are pretty, useful and their clear profiles make it so they don't take up a lot of visual space.  

  • Add a Bit of Whimsy: Not only is my silver owl super cool, it is functional.  It holds a little fragrant pouch and smells fantastic.  This little bit of whimsy makes me smile every time I look at it and I picked up for only $5 at TJ Maxx.  Need somewhere to hold your pencils or receipts?  Then try something with a bit of flare.  I picked up this super cute statement makeup bag for just $7.  It holds my pencils and it adds the attitude and spunk to my space I was looking for.

  • Find Fab Furniture: My Norden Gateleg Table from Ikea is over 11 years old and it is still going strong.  This desk is (remarkably still available for under $200) very compact but has an enormous amount of storage space in these  deep side drawers.  Even my vision board has style from every angle.  I love the gold detailing on the sides.

See how flexible my desk is!  When I need more space, I just fold down my desk and I have more room to tape videos, hold photo shoots and organize product shipments.  Having a space and furniture that meets the needs of my company really makes me happy and more effective.

It doesn't take a lot of money to create a creative space.  I created this space for $135 (including the awesome purse).  I hope these tips inspire you to create the creative workspace of your dreams! We would love to see which one of our tips you liked the most or even used, so don't forget to Instagram us your creative space using the #swwchic, tag us @soworkweekchic or send them to soworkweekchic@hotmail.com.

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Reflecting on the 2015 Fun

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I was just looking outside at the newly fallen snow and I thought before we get too far into the new year I wanted to take a second and thank you for sharing all the great times and fashions of 2015!  Here are a few highlights from 2015 that bring me back and make me feel so grateful:

January- Sneak Preview of Warby Parkers Spring Line.

February- Partnered w/ on Soft Make-Up Looks for Valentines Day.

March- We were calling all sailors with the Nautical look. 

 April- We tried the Crop-Top and the Drop Waist Trends.

May- We joined Madison Reed in a post to share our love affair with hair color and my "50 shades of Red".
June- Got styled and supported local charity "Suited for Change" with fashion and flare

July- Felt pretty and powerful in Pastel.

August- Tasted DC during Restaurant Week.

 September- Created masterful clean eating meals for the family.
October- Started Trippin in Tribal.

 November- Felt fabulous in my our skin when pulling double duty.
December- Spent quality time with friends at the winery and with family.

What a fun filled year!  Thank you for joining us in 2015 and we look forward to inspiring and engaging with you in 2016 on our journey to become So Work Week Chic!  

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Staying Fab in the Snow

Monday, January 18, 2016

You can't really tell but this was taken on the first snow of the season and I was caught totally off guard in 4 inch booties.  A girl still has to stay fab regardless of the weather forecast!  Luckily, it did not snow long enough to stick and I was able to take advantage of the pretty good weather.  Soon the temperature will drop so low that I will not be able to leave the house without a coat!  Winter can't hold a good bootie back!

Get This Look:
Leggings: Target (similar)
Bag: L.A.M.B (similar)
Blazer: Tom Klien  (similar)
Earrings: Old Navy (similar)
Blouse: Calvin Klien (similar)
Lipstick: Mary Kay Red (same)
Lipgloss: Mary Kay Rock'n'Red (same)

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SWWC's Favorite New Year's Resolutions

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Get this year started by selecting one our favorite New Year Resolutions:
  • Get Healthier: Everybody is looking to get fit, so whether it is losing a few pounds or eating better, this years plan is to trim down.  Losing weight is the top new year’s resolution in America each year.  With fun activities like zumba and spin class, and program like beachbody.com there are a lot of great ways to help you reach your goals.

  •  Reduce Debt- This was a big one for me last year and I can tell you how amazing it is to see your work pay off.  The task can seem overwhelming but by attacking it, even just a few dollars at a time on a consistent basis can work wonders.
  • Earn More Money: Even the top earners in the country continually are looking for a way to make money.  So whether it is investing in stocks or picking up a second income to generate a few extra dollars, creating a bit of wiggle room can really help.
  •  Speak Up: The time is now to get a bit like Joe Clark (from movie Lean on Me) and tell certain people in your life what you really need to say.   What are you waiting for?  If you don’t stand up for yourself, who will?
  • Get a Movie-cation Are you tired of not understanding key film references or have you been working so hard that you can’t keep track of the conversation at the lunch table? Then take some free time and veg out. There are a million and one great movies to catch up on.  Having a DVR and Netflix lets me escape and bing watch without commercials.  Love it!

  • Reduce Stress-  Stress can kill your relationships and end your life. With the chaotic lifestyles we lead stress is inevitable so it must be managed. So try some stress management technique.
  • Get Some GumptionOne of my favorite lines in the movie Holiday was to stop playing the supporting actress in your own life.  Just brilliant!  You are not just an actress in your life, you are the writer, producer and you control the cast and the direction of the story line so act like it.  
  • Be Happier With Your Life- You can have the job, house, and family that you wanted and still not be happy.  With all of those items comes stress, responsibility, and financial strain. It takes prioritization, patience and reflection to see how far you’ve come and find the joy in the small things. Take some time and map your way to a joy filled life.
  • Be More Romantic: Being a mom, designer, advisor, parent, CEO, community member and a wife, requires you to wear many hats.  So after a long day at work and at home, sometimes it can be difficult to uncover the romantic lying within you. Don’t let the romance die!  Passion can be reignited with a few romantic gestures. With just a little planning, intimacy can be created no matter how much time or money you have. Dust off your sexy and create a plan to get your groove back.

  • Learn a New Language: Diversity is everywhere and as our communities evolve we to should improve our communicative abilities to that we evolve with it.  There are tons of resources and languages to choice from. My favorite is the Dualingo app, you can pick up a new language in just 15 minute a day.
  • Reinvent Yourself: Are you walking around feeling blah or negative about your life?  It is time to reinvent yourself.  Reinventing yourself can increase your confidence and provide you with new perspective to begin seeing life in a whole new way.  Start making changes and see the new direction that your life takes.

  • Face Your Insecurities or Fears: People rated public speaking as being scarier than death. It is time to take control back of your life! Don’t let your fears and insecurities hold you back from becoming who you really want to be. Start taking steps today to move to the next level.
  • Write a Book or Journal:  Our lives are so filled with every changing activity that we sometimes forget the details of some of the most important moments of our lives. The moments that helped us evolve to become who we are today; don’t lose another important moment. Just by taking a few minutes to write down your special moments, the beauty of your life will not fade and your story will begin to evolve in a way that can be shared for generations. How liberating!
  • Get a Creative Outlet: Sometimes your work cannot be everything that you would like it to be.  So don’t just sit around, mope about it and hate your job.  Find a creative outlet that allows you to use all of your many talents and let your spark be reignited!
  • Learn to Cook With Flare: Everyone needs to know how to cook for survival but how about for fun?  Have you ever created something that melts in your mouth and awakens your taste buds? If not, what are you waiting for?  There is a world full of flavors and they are just a click away! 

  • Start Saving Money: After you get a handle on your debt you can finally start stacking some paper away for a rainy day.  A rainy day fun can be a life saver if you pop a tire or see a groupon deal that is just too good to be true.  Consistent weekly deposits no matter the size will keep you on track, so the buck stops here and pull out your piggy banks.
  • Travel to Somewhere New- Broaden you horizons and travel somewhere you have never been. It can be the next city, that delicatessen that you always wanted to visit or better the Caribbean.  The world is your oyster, so crack it open and enjoy the savory wonders that await within. 

  • Improve Your Space- We spend more time at work then we do at home yet very few workspace reflect any of true style. This year get creative!  
  • Get Inspired- Life can become mundane going back and forth to work doing your normal routine. So think back to a time that really excites you and get inspired. Go on an adventure and uncover multiple items that inspire you and engage.

We were so inspired by this list that here at So Work Week Chic that we will be exploring all of them this year.  Doesn't that sound like a road map for fun?  As always you get to take part too!  We challenge you to choose which resolutions you want to take part in and send us in your journey to soworkweekchic@hotmail.com for a guest post or share your journey with us on Instagram. at #SWWC. Comment below on which ones were you favorite so we can get started!  This year is going to be So Work Week Chic!

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