SWWC Style Challenge Week 8: Draw Attention to Your Face

Thursday, November 20, 2014

People often comment of the glowing skin and good completion and I have to laugh just a bit because they think it is me but it is really just my Mary Kay.  For years, I did not have great skin or a good completion but thankfully when I switched over to Mary Kay skin care and make-up products, it was the welcome break my skin needed.  I begin to quickly feel and see a big difference.  The skin care line I use everyday is the time wise miracle set. I totally love it.  The time wise set really started evening out my skin and I had far less break outs. The glow that you see on my head shots comes from my time wise luminous-wear foundation.  So weather you are posing for Facebook or Vogue, you want your skin to look its best so you have to treat it right.You use a good product consistently  Once you have your skin looking the way you want to, you will want to show it off so add a scarf to your look and the scarf will naturally draw attention to your face and your wonderfully glowing skin.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

IT'S SCARF WEEK LADIES!!! So grab your scarfs and wrap up like there is no tomorrow.  This weeks style challenge asks you to step up your look with your favorite warm accessory: SCARVES. Struggling on how to wear them or still needing some inspiration, then grab some style tips from a few bloggers that are leading the way in this area.

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SWWC STYLE CHALLENGE WEEK 7:The Great Kingston L.A.M.B Tote by Gwen Stefani

Sunday, November 16, 2014

As you probably remember, I got The Great Kingston L.A.M.B Tote by Gwen Stefani from my husband for Valentine's day. I love this bag because it huge and so full character. When I saw it at a high-end consignment store, I feel in love immediately but restrained myself from bringing it home. It was hard but I told myself, where would you wear this bag?  I couldn't see myself wearing it with allot of things.  The lies we tell ourselves, LOL!  I went home and then found myself looking at pictures of the bag every night, doing so called research like a purse stalker!  I was a mess, I looked at anyone who styled it, all Gwen's pics with it (not to mention that she named the bag after her son which is just sooooo cute), but what finally got me was a picture (that I can't even find anymore) of it showcased in in someones else's dream closet.  I was redoing my closet at the time so I took it as a sign ( I know I am dramatic).  To be honest it was one of the only purchases that I can remember that I truly regretted not buying.  When I was doing my bag stalking, my husband caught me drooling over the tote and since he couldn't remember a time that I was like this, he went out like a superhero and got it for me.  Isn't he awesome?  So now that I have the purse, what to do you think that I do with this wonderful tote after stalking it?  Nothing, it just sits around and makes my closet look fantastic, LOL!  So I was excited for this weeks SWWC style challenge because I will be rocking this bag from now on more regularly.  Thats right, I am not ashamed to say "My Kingston" is amazing and deserves to be seen, so I no longer am waiting for a special occasion to take out my "special" tote.  It is a #swwcbreakout moment and I am breaking my Kingston out all week, even with tennis shoes (high-heeled ones of course)!  What items do you have in you closet that need a #swwcbreakout moment? Comment below or on our Facebook or twitter page.

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SWWC STYLE CHALLENGE WEEK 7: Pull Out You Special Pieces and Wear Them

Friday, November 14, 2014

Let me just say that I know I let last weeks mixing prints challenge spill over into this weeks challenge but I couldn't think of a better way to showcase this fantastic necklace that I go for 50% off at NY&Co earlier year. I love this piece of jewelry because it is so rich in color and has so much happing but since it is a statement piece, I generally save it for when I am trying to make a statement.  That is why I love this SWWC Week 7 challenge because it is just like the movie Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swayze say "No One Puts Baby in the Corner" and we get to pull out our babies and give them there day in the sun. So if you have not done it yet, you still have time!! Take one piece out of your closet that you have been saving for a special occasion and wear it proudly all day long (or all week for that matter). Don't forget to share it with us on Facebook or #sswcbreakout on instagram.

Get The Look:
Skirt: Anne Taylor Loft (similar)
Blazer: (similar)
Purse: (similar)
Necklace: (similar)
Top: NY&Co (similar)
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

What a great week!  We had so many people participating week 6's style challenge to mix different prints together which I am really excited about!  #swwcprintx2.  This wasn't an easy challenge so don't feel bad if you struggled with it.  Here are a few tips to help you get mixing prints in no time:

  • Scale- If you have a large statement print then pair the piece with print pieces in the same color palette to pull together your look.
  • Placement- Lighten up your look with placing printed pieces around you face. This is a great tip when you are feeling under the weather. Adding the color will brighten your face and help you look engaged.
  • Texture- Don't leave your legs out of this challenge. Add a printed pattern to your tights and see how it add an interesting layer of texture to your look.
  • Pop-You can pop up your look by adding a bright colored solid to your mixed prints. This change will draw the eye and really make your outfit pop.
Don't forget to try next weeks challenge to wear something you have been saving for a special occasion and email me your #swwcbreakout looks at soworkweekchic@hotmail.com.

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Print on Print- eShakti Style

Thursday, November 6, 2014



Professionistas everywhere have been rocking this Style Challenge Week 6: Mixing 2 or More Prints.  I met the challenge with this amazing eShakti dress mixed with a scarf.  I am really enjoying this fantastic dress for fall, it is quickly becoming my favorite!  It is so flowy and the details on this dress rock! It even has clips so that your bra straps won't pop out.  I have found it very comfortable and it has pockets! I am in love! You know I love a dress with pockets.  eShakti has numerous affordable, vintage inspired designs like this one, available for purchase off the rack or for customization.  That is right ladies, you can enter your specific measurements and eShakti  will customize the pattern just for your body for almost nothing.  No more missing out on a cute dress because it won't fit your curves.  Just pick out the pattern of your choose and customize it.  You can extend the hemlines and the sleeve too like this professionista.  How cool is that?  eShakti has generously provided you a 10% off code for any non-sale item to our viewers until the 12/04. Just enter the code: "soworkweekchic" into the promotional box. 

We would love to hear your thoughts, so comment below and tell us what your favorite customization might be.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Begin your journey to be So Work Week Chic with the Top 10 Inspirational looks from Pinterest for the Week 6 #SWWC Style Challenge: Mix two or more prints into your outfit. If you are still wondering what to wear next week, look below and head over to the SoWorkWeekChic Pinterest site for more pinspiration and make sure you email, instagram, tweet and Facebook your week 4 looks to us with the #swwcprintx2 hashtag, so your look can encourage other working women to challenge their work week uniform by joining the style challenge. 

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Find Out How to Be Pulled Together at Your Next Presentation

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I was so excited to see the one of my favorite authors and friends Lisa-Jo Baker, the author of "Surprised by Motherhood" participated in last weeks SWWC Week 5 Style Challenge: Focus on Jewelry with a Statement Necklace.  It was so amazing that she was able to participate because she is always on the go yet still finds the time to look fresh! #swwcjewelryjazz. When we met up yesterday to chat, she shared that one of the major fashion tips that she learned when giving presentations all over the country is that many of the speakers wore statement necklaces to pull their look together.  So whether she is traveling for work, on a promotion tour for her book or fundraising for the orphanage that she is partnering to build in Africa, she stays stylish by using her favorite go to site Stitch Fix to select a few fabulous statement necklaces for her! Stitch Fix sends you great pieces like this statement necklace and bag to your house for you to try on and see if you want to purchase them. This is any busy moms shopping dream. It is like having a personal shopper. Who doesn't need that?  I am thinking of getting a "Stitch Fix" myself to save time.  Having a membership with JewelMint has worked out great as I mentioned in the post.  Where do you shop when you get a moment to fit it in to your schedule? Share in the comments below!

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