Michelle Obama Monday: White Button-Up Shirt + Brooch

Monday, September 23, 2013

Taking another note from this country's leading lady Michelle Obama, by taking a plain white button up and transform it into a modern masterpiece. Michelle displayed this fabulous but elegant look while promoting a hip hop video for "Let's Move" check out the You tube video.   So go grab your grandmother brooch ladies and bring these beautiful pieces into this century and into you daily rotation. To take the look one step further, place a ribbon under the brooch for more detail. Mrs. Obama has worn a similar look before under a basic black dress and it looked just as good.  We can try to duplicate this look with a dress or a cardigan.

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Meet with your Feet

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last week was a hot one and finally I had the opportunity to enjoy it.  I got up from my desk and had a walking meeting with a co-worker.  Yes, I said a walking meeting.  Some days we are so busy that we can't even get up from our desks, so we planned to make it happen.  In preparation for my walk, I needed a flexible outfit that would be business appropriate for all of my actual meeting but still comfortable enough to walk around in.  I found this sleeveless top from Ann Taylor in my closet and it worked perfectly.  In a walking meeting you are able to do both, work and walk.  In our meeting we were to get up to speed on our case load, get some fresh air and exercise, generate some new ideas, enjoy the weather and grab lunch to bring back to the office  So the next time the weather is nice but you have a scheduled meeting.  Grab your coworkers and take it to the streets. 

Now you know how I multitask.  How do you fit in both work and exercise?

Get this look:
Necklace: TJ Maxx (similar)
Earrings: Anne Klein (similar)
Purse: Coach (similar)
Pant: NY & Company (similar)
Heels: Nine West (similar)
Sheath: Ann Taylor (similar)

Paying It Fashion Forward

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last week I had the most generous act of hospitality happen to me.  My friend and fabulously successful mommy blogger Lisa-Jo from Lisa-Jo Baker.com, paid it "fashion" forward when she gifted me this beautiful necklace.   She had purchased earlier that month for herself and found that it wasn't right for her so instead of getting rid of it or letting it sit in her jewelry box, she knew that she would gift it to a friend who would give it a happy home.  Luckily that friend was me!!!  She heard I was having a tough week and she just gave me this beautiful gift.  How awesome was that?  As you can see it made my day. It was amazing to see how a little hospitality could make me feel!  It also got me thinking, I too have a piece of jewelry in my jewelry box that may light up someone else day.  I am looking forward to finding the opportunity to share a beautiful piece that I have with someone who may appreciate and wear it more that me.  What a great way to pay it forward, "Fashion Forward".  I hope to hear all of your fashion forward stories.  So make sure to comment.

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